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EON3 GROUP, a leading Business Solutions Provision Company in the country with uncountable historic feats to its credit, has once again chalked another enviable milestone.
The top-notch company has opened a Job and Skills Bank in Ghana, to ensure the effective teaching and training of young Ghanaian graduates to become strategic social media marketers.
The Job Bank, which is unique in the country, seeks to help the trainees to become entrepreneurs, who will have the requisite knowledge and logistics to open their own companies and employ others after their studies.
The Skills Bank also gives opportunity to young graduates to be thoroughly educated in programmes such as Social Media and Digital Marketing, Coding and Editing, and Open Data Platform, among others, to enhance their lives.

Mr. Richard Adjei Mensah Ofori Atta, an accomplished young Ghanaian entrepreneur, who owns a chain of businesses in the country and abroad, is the Executive Director of EON3 Group.
EON3 Group and Future Africa Foundation are proud to have Mr. Steven Blessing Ackah, a Ghanaian award-winning youth and start-up coach of international repute, as its ambassador.

EON3 Group is introducing this ground-breaking project in collaboration with Ministry of Education , Worldwide Call Telecom, Novel Vision Consulting, Global Management Group, Abraham Attah Foundation and Future Africa Foundation.
Job Bank
As part of the Job Bank, EON3 Group and its partners, who are recognized and respected global brands, have created a social media dashboard, which incorporates several active pages.
The laudable programme has a segment whereby employment opportunities in both the private and public sectors will be given to unemployed Ghanaian graduates, who are seeking employment.
Job opportunities that young Ghanaian graduates stand to benefit through the government’s ‘One District, One Factory’ programme has been identified and they would be explained to the graduates so they can take advantage.

EON3 Group and its partners will also use its direct access and links with most of the embassies to assist young graduates to access the countless opportunities and support that the embassies can freely offer to them (graduates) to enhance their lives.
Vida Divina 100% Organic Product
Through the Job Bank, unemployed graduates will also be trained in Vida Divina 100% Organic Products, which is the number one selling organic product in the world.
The trainees of Vida Divina Organic Products will instantly be employed as online sales agents, who can sell their products, which is now a household name in the United States and boost their financial status.
Customized Social Media

EON3 Group has also set up a customized social media and E-Learning platform for all free Senior High School (SHS) beneficiaries in the country, which is the first of its kind in the country.
Skills Bank
Through the Skills Bank, young graduates will be giving special skills training such as Career Services Support and the proper writing of Curriculum Vitae (CV), which will give them the upper hand over their competitors in securing jobs.
Again, the Skills Bank, which is one-its-kind in the country, is properly packaged so it can offer the needed support and knowledge to the graduates so they (graduates) can position themselves properly and secure decent jobs.

Per the requirements of the educative programme, every graduate Ghanaian or any other national, who wishes to become a global asset in this computer era, can enrolled and be part of the programme.

Course Stages

Beneficiaries of the intensive educative programme will commence from the ‘Ghana Business Incubator Center’ and they would be moved to the next stage, which is the ‘Ghana Smart Youth’.

EON3 Group will support graduates of the ‘Ghana Smart Youth’ with money to register their own companies even as they are studying so they will become managers and chief executives of their own companies right after their studies.


Courses to be taught include Web Development, Social Media Management, Software Security, E-Mail Management, Project Management, Technical Writing, Vocational Training, just to mention a few.


After the completion of the two stages, it is expected that the beneficiaries will become experts in social media and digital marketing, which will help them to be on their own on the job market.
In addition, graduates from the programme would benefit from a free brand new laptop and free data for six months as well as being supported to create their own businesses with available market to boost their operations.
Expert Teaching
EON 3 Group, which seeks to produce quality human resource personnel who can excel anywhere on the globe, will invite teaching experts from the USA, Italy, China, Germany and Turkey to teach the beneficiaries.

Richard Adjei Mensah Ofori Atta

Executive Director – E On 3 Group

Mr. Steven Blessing Ackah

Ghana Job Bank Ambassador



DUSK Capital Unveils Investment Drive #CONQUERYOURFEARS



Leading financial institution, DUSK Capital, has finally unveiled its #ConquerYourFears campaign, aimed at reigniting the spirit of investment in the banked and unbanked public.

At an event held in Accra on Friday, the Ridge-based firm finally debuted what has become a socially progressive initiative on conquering fear when it comes to investment.

The launch crowned months of changing the narrative about fear and what it does to one’s aspirations. The campaign had massive endorsements from leading public figures and ordinary Ghanaians, some of who were present at the launch.

Addressing the gathering, Chief Executive Officer of DUSK Capital, Bernard Osei-Tutu said the campaign became necessary due to the fear most people had with maintaining a resolute investment attitude.

“As an investment bank, we realized that one of the biggest problems among the populace when it comes to investing money is fear. The fear of losing money inhibits many people from investing,” he said.

Osei-Tutu added that: “All of us, whether young or old have one fear or the other that holds us back; that inhibits us from taking that step in accomplishing our full potential…the Fear of failure, the Fear of being rejected, the Fear of being disappointed, the Fear of not living up to the expectation of others, the Fear of not being good enough and the list goes on.

“As a caring brand, we thought to ourselves, how can we provide that motivation, that confidence to help people achieve whatever dream they have? #ConquerYourFears is about confronting fear. It’s about overcoming all fears.

“We at Dusk Capital are excited about helping people to conquer their fears of investing and opening the doors into a brighter future.

“We encourage you to invest in your future by investing with Dusk Capital and enjoying the joy that comes with it.”

Dusk Capital is incorporated, duly licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) to conduct business in Fund Management, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Corporate Advisory Services and Pension Fund Management. Dusk Capital uses strong product knowledge, innovative financial and capital market power to assist institutions and corporate clients in accessing local and global markets.



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SEC’s Minimum Capital Requirement Hike Apt – Dusk Capital CEO



The CEO of Dusk Capital, Bernard Osei Tutu, has described as apt plans by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to increase the minimum capital requirement of investment banks from ¢100.000.00 to ¢5million.

SEC, Starr Business has gathered, notified all investment banking firms in the country of its intention.

SEC is expected to make an announcement soon and will give timelines for the firms to meet the capital requirement or lose their license.

The proposed increment will be the biggest percentage increment the investment industry has witnessed in more than two decades.

Speaking to Starr Business’ Osei Owusu Amankwaah, Osei-Tutu observed that the move was to ensure that “we [investment bankers] have the right resources because banking or the financial market is not a cheap market.”

“You need to have that financial muscle to be able to do what you are doing well. Hence, the capital requirement is very critical. For any banking institution you need to be very solvent and you need to be very liquid.

“If you don’t have that financial muscle…it is a simple matter, you don’t deserve to be in that industry. It is as simple as that,” he added.

Describing the move as a “good call” the Dusk Capital CEO opined that the increment from ¢100.000.00 to ¢5million was “just to say that if you are not ready and  you don’t have the financial muscle to operate in this industry, then you don’t need to be there.”

“…I support that [increment] and we at Dusk Capital are ready to commit all the resources that we have to make sure that on a capital front we are duly capitalised and we are able to meet all insolvency issues that come up across,” stressed Osei-Tutu



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Start-Ups To Enjoy A 3-Year Tax Holiday – Awal Mohammed



Start-ups and entrepreneurs operating in the country will soon breathe a sigh of relief with the coming in of a three-year tax holiday.

This initiative, according to the Business Development Minister, Awal Mohammed, forms part of government’s agenda, to support entrepreneurs create jobs to help reduce the unemployment rate.

Challenges that continue to plague entrepreneurs include lack of access to credits, access to markets, the stressful bureaucratic business registration processes among others.

Speaking with Ultimate Business after meeting with entrepreneurs in Kumasi, the Minister explained that with the tax holiday, entrepreneurs “can plough back their profits to expand”.

“We think that start-ups need some space to grow. The essence of all these is to create jobs for our people and improve livelihoods. We want to encourage that when start-ups take off, for the first three years, they need not pay taxes.

“They will plough back their profits, they expand their business and they can employ people. We’ll also help them with markets because there’s no point having a business that you cannot sell,” he said.

He continued that “another policy that we want to look at is that, 10 per cent of public funded projects or businesses should go to start-ups and that already give them the market to grow. It is not yet a policy but something that we’re pursuing.”

The Business Development Minister also revealed that government will from July this year begin disbursing some $10 million to some young entrepreneurs who have undergone training to create businesses.

He further made special mention of the contribution of women and persons living with disability to the business community, thus equally supporting to grow faster.

“We’ve trained close to 10,000 young people across the country and out of them, we are going to select 700 and give them money. The President has already ceded $10 million and that money will go to support young people in various professions. In July/August we will start disbursing this money.”

“Women constitute 52 per cent of this country and are very good business people. You cannot grow an economy without women participation and so this year we’re going to support at least 1,000 women; we’ll train them and we fund them to do business.”

“When we do that, they can expand, employ and improve the lives of people. The President wants to make sure that Ghana grows inclusively to make Ghana a business environment for Africa.”

The Kumasi Entrepreneurs Meet-Up was organized by the Kumasi Hive in collaboration with the Konrad Adenaeur Stiftung, the Ministry of Business Development and the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana.

It was held under the theme: Enhancing Ghana’s Entrepreneurs and Start-ups; Elements of a Future Strategy/Policy by the Ghanaian Government.

In attendance were start-ups who are in technology, food and agriculture, energy, health, clothing, communication, education among others.



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