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Music and its consumption by all stretch is a matter of perspective and convenience. More often than not, we relate to songs based on how they make us feel, what they remind us of or what they motivate us to achieve. In trying times, many people resort to music to see them through. During merry making, it is this same music that is used to make our hearts lighter. For the young and old, strong and feeble, men and women, corporate or street, the power of music cuts through our hearts like blade and this perhaps, explains why we get so passionate about music not because of the quality per se – but what it brings out of us.

In the consumption of music, everyone has what they look out for. One factor however, which cannot be overlooked is the musician responsible for making the songs. In connecting with the listening audience, sometimes sound alone is not audible enough. It is vital to create a social aura that makes those for whom the song is being made, feel welcome. If there is anyone better at this on the music scene in Ghana then it has to be Shatta Wale. The strength from which he draws has been sought by many. His motivation and power interestingly, lies before us but we fail to see.

Shatta Wale is what he is because the people made him so. He is stronger because he feeds off his audience. He is better because he knows himself and who he should make music for. He does not necessarily over reach. As humble as his beginnings were, his achievements have been groundbreaking and this contributed to the “villain” tag that has been given to him. In order to change the status quo, one has to upset it first because comfort and conquest are inversely related. Whiles the media tries to shame him through his own antics, they end up becoming pawns in his chess game. It kills onlookers how Shatta Wale is able to navigate through all the storms that have been cooked for him. Year in year out he has been described as falling below par and year in year out he is better than your favorite musician. Not to set forth any form of discord, Shatta Wale through music and genuine love for his fans has made himself more approachable than any top musician in Ghana currently. He recognizes that he is literally the blood that runs through the common person.

Without the common listener Shatta Wale is no one. He worships and adores his fan base more than anyone else. Yet, he is the ruffian and diamond in the rough. If he is a villain it is because his progress upsets you. If he is misunderstood it is because you have already formed your prejudicial opinions about him. If he is below your level it is because you have built for yourself a glass castle which will take no time before it breaks. And when you are finally down, it is then you will appreciate Shatta Wale for what he stands for because he seeks nothing but to be hope to the hopeless. He is the wonder boy. A scarred man with a heart of gold who has been made a villain to fight unworthy heroes and yet he does the job of the “heroes” better than themselves in addition to being the “villain”. He is king. This rant was long but I hope it was sane enough. PAAH PAAH PAAH PAAH!!!!


Writer: Frank Akwei | @AkweiOfficial

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