Stop Chasing Men Around. Find A Job To Cater For Yourself If The Man You Love Is Broke – Joselyn Dumas to Ladies

Ghanaian movie and television personality Joselyn Dumas has in an instagram post sent a word of caution to all ladies who chase men around. The actress advised ladies to not to throw precious stones among pigs.

According to Joselyn, women who chase men around have “lost their sense of value”.

She continued to say women are precious and must feel wanted so they should relax and let the men do the chasing and not the other way round.

The movie and talk show hosts Instagram post read, “Ladies! This got me thinking….Stop chasing that man around, have you stopped to think that maybe he’s just not that into you?? Don’t throw your precious stones among pigs, they wouldn’t know and appreciate its value” she wrote

Dear sisters, if you have a man who loves you and cares about you with the little he has, appreciate it and be content with it.

Stop getting into relationships because you have a lot of demands and wants and you want your man to take care of them all.

You should stop making your man a goldmine or consider him as your father that he has to take care of everything of all his Daughter’s Needs. Your man also has a life to live and his own demands to fulfill.

In addition to that, also stop getting into relationships with high expectations. High expectations will kill you and you will get disappointed for nothing.

If you are with someone and they are unable to provide everything you want yet you adore them, then find a job and cater for yourself.

If you can’t find a job or you are handicapped then walk out of the relationship instead of cheating and find someone capable or an organization for disabled people to support you. Otherwise cease getting into relationships and marriages for wrong reasons.

Money can’t buy love and happiness. If it did then most rich people wouldn’t have been single, they wouldn’t have been crying for love and they wouldn’t have been divorcing every now and then. Money just sustains life but it can’t complete everything! Be Wise

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