Twitter wants to promote ‘conversational health’ with redesigned platform

Twitter wants to promote what it terms as ‘conversational health’ by redesigning how interactions look like on its platform.

The new features, which are expected to change the way people share and interact with each other on the platform were detailed during a CES 2019 event.

In the coming weeks, Twitter will launch a beta program for people to publicly test these experimental features. While such an open approach is quite new for Twitter, the company says it’s all part of the bigger plan and goal of improving conversational health on the platform.

Arguing that the features are meant to give users more flexibility, Sara Haider; director of Product Management at Twitter, said a dedicated status update feature would add more context to tweets — avoiding the need for such workarounds as changing your display name.

And speaking of conversations — new designs that thread tweets together in a similar manner to Reddit posts are being tested. Currently, following long threads with different replies can be quite difficult. And this is what Twitter intends to address with the new designs being developed.

Twitter’s VP of Product, Keith Coleman, during the CES event, identified health as the company’s top product priority for the coming year, noting that in order to weed out abuse, the company made 70 changes to its product and policies over the last year.

“Health is our number one priority, hands down. We know that to serve our company’s purpose, we need that conversation to be healthy.” — Keith Coleman pointed out.

And according to Haider, all the upcoming updates they’re experimenting with will ultimately link back to that.

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